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Week of the Golden Ace: the father of modern board games at a low price


News good plan Week of the Golden Ace: the father of modern board games at a low price

This pack was the same price on Amazon and yet it is already gone. To celebrate the As d’Or of Cannes this week, we have unearthed the Catan Big Box for 54$ instead of the 65$ usually required to be able to have fun with up to 6 players on this timeless hit by Klaus Teuber.

Catan Big Box: thousands of hours guaranteed on a great classic

In this big box which contains the basic game, its extension for 5 and 6 players and 4 new scenariosyou’ll have plenty to fill long rainy evenings with the best-selling modern board game.

Buy the Catan Big Box at 54$ at Philibert

In this very easy-to-learn management game, your goal is to take control of the hexagonal island of Catania. To do this, you will have to build villages and cities on the board by taking possession of the various resources offered. Your progress in the game grants you victory points and the game ends when one of the players has reached 10 victory points.

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Catan: deep yet very affordable gameplay

Whether it’s with the placement of cities and roads between hexes, the card system, specialized ports or even the bandit that allows you to steal your opponents’ resources when you roll a 7 with the dice, the Catan game diversifies the gameplay elements without making it all too complex, and that’s what makes the genius of this board game that can be replayed an unlimited number of times, from 2 to 6 players.

Interesting two-player games are not so numerous, and Catan is one of them, with its competitive aspect but also the possibility of developing well on the island without being robbed of resources too much and racing for victory points .

Week of the Golden Ace: the father of modern board games at a low price

In addition, the addition of scenarios included in the Big Box makes it possible to add even more content and variety to this deep game. This box includes the scenarios “My Dear Friends”, “The Benefactors”, as well as the regional Corsica and New York scenarios. It is especially the possibility of playing with 5 and 6 players thanks to the corresponding extension which makes the interest of this pack. You also have a dice game, a nice little bonus.

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With this box, you have everything to introduce you to the “Spiel des Jahres 1995” sold over 30 million copies, which will allow you to enter smoothly into the infinite world of “big game” board games.

Buy the Catan Big Box at 54$ at Philibert

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