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Learn to cook with Ghibli sauce with Gastronogeek


news culture Learn to cook with Ghibli sauce with Gastronogeek

The master chef Gastronogeek is proud to announce the availability of his new book which combines his passions for cooking and the cultures of the imagination. This time it was the films of the Ghibli studios that served as a source of inspiration!

The return of Gastronogeek

Learn to cook with Ghibli sauce with Gastronogeek

Passionate about pop culture, since 2014 chef Thibaud Villanova has had fun drawing on the greatest references from cinema, television series, manga, fantasy literature and also video games to reinvent the art of cooking. Under the Gastronogeek label, he is already the author of more than 16 cookbooks that have sold 500,000 copies in our country.whose Star Wars Cantina, Dragon Ball Legendary Recipes and Assassin’s Creed, The Culinary Codex.

I strive to dig into each of these universes to bring out the recipes of your favorite heroes or heroines or those of the dishes they could have tasted. My work consists of creating a recipe as well as reproducing decorations, placing easter eggs in the accessories or in the ingredients. With each recipe, my objective is simple: to extend the reader’s immersion in a world he knows well through a gourmet dish. – Thibaud Villanova

Cooking in Ghibli in 35 recipes

These are the editions Hachette Heroes who publish this richly illustrated work, entitled The Kitchen in Ghibli: recipes from the legendary studio. The photos are signed Nicolas Lobbestael and the book includes no less than 35 Recipes Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Greatest Masterpieces. For example, there is everything you need to know to recreate the fish-pumpkin pie of Kiki’s Delivery Servicethe hambagu of pompokoor even the accursed banquet of Spirited Away. These photos also reveal the Calcifer Breakfast of the Howl’s Moving Castlewith its fried eggs and grilled breast, all rendered with absolute fidelity to the original work.

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Learn to cook with Ghibli sauce with Gastronogeek

Because if the films of the Ghibli studio mark the spirits above all for the themes they address and their subject relating to childhood, nature or the family, scenes related to meals are often the ones we remember the most. This book thus tries to restore the magic and the oneirism of these great animated films by combining the useful with the pleasant.

Learn to cook with Ghibli sauce with Gastronogeek

The physical version of the book is available for $24.95 at Hachette Heroes but you can also opt for the eBook format for $16.99.

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