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These are the 10 star products of the expected Black Friday 2021


During Black Friday 2020, Amazon managed more than 4,000 million euros of product sales, assuming 60% more than the data registered in 2019, and which reaffirms the strong growth of electronic commerce that has been taking place for years.

These data allow us to know the importance of the “black Friday“In the electronic market, although textiles and tourism also experience a considerable increase in sales.

Usually, the most requested products are wireless headphones and the robot vacuum cleaners that, for years, it is customary to give them for Christmas. Also other electronic products, such as air fryer, oil free, or the assistants, like the Echo Dot Amazon, the Apple HomePod and the Google Home, are in high demand and usually end up exhausted at the end of the campaigns of the Black friday and the Christmas.


For this year, they are kitchen robots and the multimedia centersLike Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max, top sales. The 4K televisions and the wireless headphones They are also products in high demand in all homes this year.

The gaming does not go unnoticed, and products like Playstation 5 They have been exhausted for a few weeks, not having a very good forecast for Christmas. The new one Nintendo Switch OLED delights Japanese fans Nintendo, and new versions of Pokemon (Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Shining Diamond and Shimmering Pearl) provoke nostalgia in senior players.

The activity watches and bracelets have become one of the fashions of recent years, numerous mobile phone manufacturers have entered this field, with greater or lesser success, but being benchmarks Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi.


The main markets where the type of purchases are made are digital platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress and digital stores that take advantage of these annual periods to bill as much as during the rest of the year in total.

Hypermarkets and electronic chain stores They also take advantage of these dates to increase their offers in quantity and their value, being able to find one with great buying opportunities in almost all kinds of products without having to be electronic.

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