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CaixaBank and Microsoft create an AI and metaverse innovation lab


CaixaBank and Microsoft have established a strategic joint innovation agreement with the. objective of boosting the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in new financial solutions.as well as creating new innovative work environments located in the Metaverse.

The agreement involves the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Innovation Lab) between both entities, with. special involvement of CaixaBank Tech. The new Lab, located in Barcelona, will work in coordination with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence R&D Hub. in the city, composed of about a hundred software developers, data scientists and machine learning specialists.

The AI Innovation Lab will focus on the development of proof-of-concepts, prototypes and use cases. that explore disruption in financial services from the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Among the first co-innovation projects identified, the following stand out. Related to the improvement of AI models using new emerging technologies. currently in the research field, as well as the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in day-to-day life.

These initiatives will be able to go Aimed at improving the efficiency of processes.customer experience or cybersecurity, among other areas.

An example of these innovative projects is the creation of a ‘cyberassistant’, which would make it possible to help employees and back-office units to significantly reduce lower-value activities added value they perform, in order to have more time to manage their core activities.

CaixaBank and Microsoft will also work on the. creation of interactive virtual environments (metaverses). that offer immersive experiences, with applications in improving customer and employee experience.