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Kraven the Hunter: after Venom and Morbius, fans already outraged by the film about Spider-Man’s adversary


news culture Kraven the Hunter: after Venom and Morbius, fans already outraged by the film about Spider-Man’s adversary

In 2023, Sony Pictures will feature Kraven the Hunter as part of the Spider-Verse. Morbius was a failure, but that’s not why the producers want to stop exploring the villains of the Spider-Man universe.

Successfully complete a film about an enemy of the world’s most popular superhero is not easy, especially when the said hero is not present. After two films centered on Venom and Morbiusit will be the turn of Kraven the Hunter to land in 2023.

A “mere” human is feared by all

Initially he was supposed to be part of the cast for Andrew Garfield’s 3rd Spider-Man, but this film never saw the light of day. Kraven, or Sergei Kravinoff, was born in Russia and took because he couldn’t stand his father remarried following the death of his mother. It crosses many countries, becoming a true master in the art of hunting and survival.

Skills enhanced by a wizard who made him drink a potion making it much stronger, and much faster. Contacted by the Chameleon, he decides to start hunting a new prey: Spider-Man. In the comics, he ends up teaming up with Doctor Octopus, Electro, the Sandman, Mysterio and the Vulture to form the Sinister Sixwhose objective is to eliminate the spider-man.

A “light” version of Kraven to come?

Powerful, cruel and determinedhe is one of the few villains to really make Peter Parker tremble. A very interesting basic premise for a movie, even if it’s unclear to what extent Spider-Man might appear. Realized by JC Chandor, Kraven the Hunter will put Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the shoes of the villain alongside Ariana DeBose (Calypso), Russel Crowe (Nikolaï Kravinoff), Fred Heichinger (Dmitri Smediakov) or even Christopher Abbott (The Stranger).

But as much to say that the film is awaited with suspicion by the publicwho rushed into the theater to see Venom, but who much less appreciated Venom: Let There Be Carnagebefore sulking Morbius. And the recent declarations of Aaron Taylor-Johnson are not likely to restore confidence to skeptics. During the promotion of the film Bullet Train at the CineEurope convention, the actor said a little more about Sony’s approach to the character:

He’s one of Marvel’s most famous and iconic antiheroes, Spider-Man’s #1 rival. He is neither an alien nor a wizard. He’s just a hunter, a human with convictions. An animal lover, who is also a protector of the natural world. A very, very cool character.

A worried public, but the door remains open

Suffice to say that the reactions are not long in coming, and many people fear the worst. Kraven is, in the comics, presented as a determined hunter, ready to do anything to obtain a new trophy to hang at home. We are therefore far from animal lover and nature, even if he often repeats that face to face with the animal is the ultimate proof of respect. So, will we be entitled to a nice Kraven for all that? Not sure.

Sony may very well have decided to starting from a character as described by the actor, before gradually tilting it towards cruelty and obsession towards Spider-Man. On the other hand, the natural side should be largely put forward. JC Chandor indeed wished that most of the film is shot on location, for more authenticity. So, this live-action Kraven version, a faux villain, or a person who gradually turns into the ruthless hunter who shakes up the friendly neighborhood spider? Response in 2023.