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Double premiere: Zoom launches ‘Zoom One’ and a new translation feature


Zoom, the video chat software program, has unveiled this Wednesday. two new updates to its platform. On the one hand, it has released ‘Zoom One’.a new solution that unifies chat, telephone, meetings and whiteboard, among other functionalities, in secure and scalable packages. On the other hand, it has launched a new closed captioning functionality translated and multilingual.

Zoom aims for simplicity and innovation in the communicative field. “As Zoom has evolved from a meeting app to a full-featured communications platform.It was clear that the introduction of new developments such as ‘Zoom One’ was the next step in the company’s evolution,” said Greg Tomb, president of Zoom.

“By bringing together chat, phone, meetings, whiteboarding and much more into a single solution, we are able to offer our customers solutions that are simple to manage.so that they can focus on their business activities, which are what really matter,” he added.

The ‘Zoom One’ experience, created specifically to work togetheroffers customers a choice of six levels of offerings based on their business needs.

The first, Zoom One Basic offers free 40-minute Zoom meetings for up to 100 attendees, outside meetings, persistent Zoom chat for team messaging, limited Zoom whiteboard for synchronous and asynchronous work, and real-time transcription. Zoom One Pro offers everything that Zoom One Basic offers with no time limits on meetings, plus the ability to make a recording in the cloud.

On the other hand, the remaining plans are focused on the business environment, which are: Zoom One Businesswhich offers everything that Zoom One Pro offers, plus Zoom Meetings for up to 300 attendees and unlimited whiteboards. Zoom One Business Plus provides everything Zoom One Business offers, plus Zoom Phone Pro with unlimited regional calling and the new translation feature. Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus offer everything Zoom One Business offers with much greater meeting capacity and additional features, such as Zoom Webinars, to help modern businesses scale.

With respect to the other update focused on the new translated Zoom subtitles.will allow users to view subtitles in the language of their choice. The translations will be available between English and 10 other languages.or from any of the 10 languages into English. The available languages are Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Japanese. Zoom has also expanded automatic subtitling, i.e., the ability to subtitle in real time what a speaker says in the same language as it is spoken, to include 10 more languages.