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“The latest big bag craze”: Morgan Stanley applauds the potential of the metaverse

“The latest big bag craze”: Morgan Stanley applauds the potential of the metaverse

Now he is serious. The metaverse It is the latest great trend in the markets. Experts say Morgan stanley in his latest report. In recent months, “we have witnessed false starts with the prominence of technologies such as virtual reality and NFTbut this time it seems different. “

The fault is Facebook. Since the colossus co-founded and led by Mark Zuckerberg announced that it changes its name to Goal, in an unsubtle attempt to redirect your business to the metaverse, searches for it have skyrocketed in Google, according to data collected and published by the US bank’s team of experts.

“A myriad of metaverses already exist and many others are being designed and built as we write these words,” say analysts at Morgan Stanley. Its main ‘inhabitants’ are young people, aged 17 or under, “who are looking for a handful of experiences and whose attention cannot be satiated by a single game or application.”

Let’s take a look at Ball Metaverse ETF. If we compare the performance of its securities exposed to this trend, it is relatively poor compared to Nasdaq in 2020. “This has changed overnight,” acknowledge the bank’s experts. “The returns on those titles have almost doubled after the Facebook name change”, they add.

A few days ago, we explained what the metaverse is and where to invest, to begin with, in a trend that will be worth 800,000 million in 2024, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Now, at Morgan Stanley they point out here and there the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are doing the most to enjoy exposure to this topic.


The clearest example is Facebook, now Meta, which recently announced the hiring of 10,000 workers in Europe to work on its own metaverse. Before, he stated that he would invest 10,000 million in apps oriented to this only in 2022 and, shortly, he bought Within, one of the leaders in virtual reality focused on fitness.

Continuing in the US we also find Unity Software, company that currently owns one of the two great 3D engines that are used, among others, for the development of video games. At Morgan Stanley they also remember Roblox, which continue to overweight as one of the companies that has most openly opted for this trend, and Nike, which recently gave clues about its imminent entry into this market.

Across the ring, in China, the bank points to Alibaba, which has in mind a mega project of a metaverse with a shopping arcade that includes brands such as Burberry and Xpeng Motors. Is also Tencent, which recently acknowledged that its metaverse will take longer than expected to arrive, but that “there are many other ways to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunity.” AND Xiaomi, which in September of this year presented smart glasses that were already looking at these virtual worlds.

As we see in the image, these are just some of the companies exposed to the metaverse, an investment theme that is here to stay. This time yes.

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Companies exposed to the metaverse. Source: Medium.