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War in Ukraine: surface-to-air missiles, kamikaze drones, anti-tank systems… These weapons promised by the United States


After the Ukrainian President’s address to the US Congress, Joe Biden announced increased military aid to Ukraine. Defensive and offensive weapons that could rebalance the conflict.

It was a 16 minute speech. The Ukrainian president spoke to the elected members of the American Congress this Wednesday, March 16, 2022. A historic speech applauded by the whole room. Volodymyr Zelensky took the opportunity to reiterate his most urgent request and uses in his eyes: close ukrainian sky. After his intervention, Joe Bien wanted to answer him in stride.

Surface-to-air missiles of the “S-300” type

The American president announced increased support for Ukraine and new arms deliveries. However, it still refuses to ensure the closure of Ukrainian skies, under penalty of start a new world war. These are, in total, more than $800 million in aid additional military that will be granted to Ukraine.

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Joe Biden therefore announced the sending of air defense systems “longer range”, armaments requested by the Ukrainian armed forces. According to several American experts, it could be surface-to-air missile systems of the “S-300” type.

[ \ud83c\uddf7\ud83c\uddfa RUSSIE | \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udde6 UKRAINE ]

\ud83d\udd38CNN quoting a US official claims that 9K33 Osa, S-300, S-300V and 9K34 Strela-3 systems are to be supplied by NATO and are already on their way to Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/js3fjhES90

— (Little) Think Tank (@L_ThinkTank) March 16, 2022

Kamikaze drones, anti-tank systems, ammunition…

From drone will also be sent to Ukraine, as relayed by Philippe Berry, correspondent for 20 Minutes in the United States, the latter would be “Switchblade suicide bombers from AeroVironment”. They are fully remote-controlled missile drones, programmed to explode on a given target.

The 100 U.S. drones supplied to Ukraine are AeroVironment’s Switchblade mini-kamikaze drones, according to NBC. These are small missiles equipped with a navigation system and a camera designed in particular to destroy armored vehicles. pic.twitter.com/XZnvOXCHFe

— Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) March 16, 2022

In addition to these systems the Ukrainian army should also receive 800 anti-aircraft defense systems of the “Stinger“, from anti-tank systems (about 9,000), as well as so-called light weapons (7,000) and more than 20 million ammunition of all kinds. For Joe Biden, these new deliveries of offensive and defensive weapons illustrate “illustrates our commitment (from the United States, editor’s note) to give Ukraine our most advanced systems for its defense”.

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Now remains to know delivery times of these weapons to Ukraine, on the frontline of the fighting. But for Defense experts, these new American deliveries could greatly benefit the Ukrainians, if not change the situation on the ground.

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