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War in Ukraine: gang rape, broken teeth, the appalling testimony of a psychologist


The Ukrainian psychologist Kateryna Haliant is confronted today with the terrible abuses of the Russian army. She talks to Le Figaro about the atrocity of daily life in her consulting room.

The scenes evoked by kateryna Haliant are uplifting. His words, which our colleagues from Le Figaro report today, testify to the appalling practices allegedly perpetrated by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, a “hell“that the psychologist had never been able to see during her consultations.

According to the therapist, all the stories she has heard sound alike “as if the Russians had planned it all“. She talks about sightings carried out during the day by Russian soldiers in Ukrainian houses. They then return in the evening, kill men present, loot, eat, drink and once drunk, violent savagely “girls and women. Even in the presence of children”, reports the psychologist under the shock. According to her, it is in almost all cases gang rape committed by men of all ages.

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“Russian soldiers savagely raped the women after killing the men”

“The young girls I take care of no longer have any teeth: the Russians broke them, in addition to raping them,” says Kateryna Haliant, clinical psychologist. https://t.co/wUrEGJcP2S

– Le Figaro (@Le_Figaro) April 5, 2022

Sexual, physical and psychological violence

Most of his patients are minor. Women who live near Irpin, Boutcha and Hostomel in the northwest of kyiv. Cities plagued since the beginning of the war by the presence of Russian soldiers. Since the departure of Vladimir Putin’s troops, speech has been freed and fear has moved away, but the after-effects remain and certain testimonies can never be heard because “many of them did not survive and died in hospital. “.

Kateryna Haliant reports today to our colleagues patients dumb, who fail to speak so shocked they are. There are also those who have suffered in addition to violence physical. “the young girls I take care of have no more teeth : the Russians broke them, in addition to having raped them”, says the psychologist who decided to receive the young women free of charge in her office.

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Le Figaro also mentions “internal organ problems” in some survivors who will have to undergo major gynecological reconstruction operations.

This week, the non-governmental organization human Rights Watch issued a damning report on the situation in Ukraine. According to the NGO, “summary executions, rapes and other serious human rights violations have clearly been perpetrated by the Russian forces”.

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