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War in Ukraine: Brigitte Bardot rants against the “fear in the stomach” of Westerners


The committed film actress published a press release on her social networks in which she denounces the attitude of the European Union towards the war in Ukraine. For her, Europe is not doing enough.

“My heart hurts”, it is with these first words of a press release that Brigitte Bardot decided to shake up public opinion on Tuesday March 15, 2022. The actress engaged on several fronts published an open letter on her social networks. She denounces lack of action in favor of Ukraine and, in particular, of the EU.

In her press release, Brigitte Bardot denounces “thescheduled annihilation of a Nation and its population”, all “without
that no country in the world brings them the urgent help, the help that they bravely await”, in short the “struggle of the earthen pot against the Russian iron pot”.

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Brigitte Bardot denounces the beautiful “words”

The singer evokes a situation that reminds her of a series of televisions in which every day, “we wait for the continuation
dramatic events where civilians are dragged like rabbits, where dead and wounded accumulate. (…)” The report established, Brigitte Bardot evokes the European congress in Versailles last week, “under the royal golds and the magnificence”, where the result was only “words, words, words”, according to her .

“Never have the ‘bla-bla’ rescued or improved such dramatic situations,” she wrote. And to encourage Western leaders: “So Gentlemen, a little power, virile reactions to the face. Fear in your stomach you only know how to say: ‘Courage, let’s flee!’.” A statement that did not fail to make Internet users react, some supporting the statement, others questioning the relevance of such a call.

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