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The good words of Sophie de Menthon: “And Afghanistan?”


Every Sunday, in Midi Libre Sophie de Menthon, business manager and president of Ethic, returns to her forum on the news.

There are subjects that are casus belli! Where are the fierce feminists, where are the rabid wokists? Where are all the people who are willing to pay a fine for staring down the street? Where are all those self-righteous Tartuffe?

In Afghanistan, the Taliban order the closure of secondary schools to tens of thousands of little girls and young girls, a few hours after their reopening. After the new Taliban government came to power, women’s rights to education and work were further restricted and violated. In seven months of rule, the Taliban have imposed a multitude of restrictions on women. They are barred from many government jobs, restricted in how they dress, and banned from traveling alone outside their towns.

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A real humanitarian scandal

The Islamists also arrested and detained several women activists who demonstrated for women’s rights. The UN is expressing its deep frustration, this is enough to put some comfort in the hearts of these oppressed slaves for whom no one is fighting. Isn’t the “territory” of culture and the condition of women as important as a geographical territory?

Invading Ukraine rightly mobilizes the whole world, but this human scandal in Afghanistan where the Taliban orders traders to decapitate female models does not mobilize either the leaders of the major democratic countries or their public opinion, which is much more interested in “me too” only by women in slavery. And yet, it is also a real humanitarian scandal to see a State that maintains half of its population in misery, ignorance and dependence, in such a way as to confine it to being nothing more than a belly to provide it with a population at its heels… Islamic moreover.

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Here are women veiled, hidden, prisoners, intentionally reduced to an intellectually vegetative state!

We tolerate this state of affairs with a weak, measured and culpable indignation. We take this violation of human rights for granted. And it is voluntarily that we must speak of human rights with a capital H, when wokism would like to use the term “women’s rights”, yes! Human rights are a universal principle without distinction between the two sexes. It is essential to dwell on this regression and this failure of international politics… instead of focusing on inclusive writing! Are the Taliban therefore not an enemy like the others, pardoned in advance for their turpitude in the name of a traditional culture? Who is going to wage this war?

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