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Iranian nuclear: the agreement is not for now, according to the representative of the United States


The special envoy representing the United States on the nuclear question in Iran declared that he was not sure of the imminence of an agreement on the dossier soon. Negotiations have been going on for almost a year without the case having made much progress.

U.S. special envoy for Iran Robert Malley said on Sunday he was not convinced a nuclear deal between the major powers and Iran was being discussed. for 11 months in Vienna.

“Issues that remain unresolved”

A failure to safeguard the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official name of the Vienna agreement – which involves curbing Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions – would increase the risk of a regional war and could encourage further increases in oil prices, analysts say.

“I can’t be sure it’s imminent (…) A few months ago we thought we were also quite close (to an agreement)”, declared Malley within the framework of the international conference of the Doha Forum. “In all negotiations, when there are issues that remain unresolved for so long, it shows how difficult it is to bridge the gap.” Kamal Kharrazi, senior adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said an agreement could be reached soon. “Yes, it is imminent. It depends on the political will of the United States,” he said at the same conference.

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“Open and honest dialogue is part of the strength of our friendship”

For his part, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs declared on Sunday that his country would cooperate with the United States to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. “We have disagreements over a nuclear deal and its consequences, but open and honest dialogue is part of the strength of our friendship,” Yair Lapid said in Jerusalem at a joint press conference with the US secretary of state. Anthony Blinken.

“Israel and the United States will continue to work together to prevent a nuclear Iran,” he added. Antony Blinken considered for his part that a return to the 2015 agreement was the best way to regulate the Iranian nuclear program.

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