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Latest Sales: a 4 TB external SSD to boost your PS5


News good plan Latest Sales: a 4 TB external SSD to boost your PS5

The black point of our consoles and PCs often remains the storage space which is never really perfect for long-term use. So we often find ourselves running out of space on our device. In any case, this will no longer be the case with this 4 TB external hard drive which is currently on sale at $103 at Rue du Commerce.

So yes, we already know what you are going to say. In other words, why take an external hard drive instead of a nice internal SSD that you can store in your PS5 or PC. Well, quite simply because this little 4 TB Seagate HDD is really a very good deal.

Buy the Seagate 4 TB at 103 $ at Rue du Commerce

Despite its size, it is still light, elegant and space-saving. With a total capacity of 4 TB you will really have plenty to do. Between your games and all your other entertainment you will have no problem storing them all.

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If it will therefore stand elegantly next to your PS5 without staining, it will also prove to be perfect for your travels if you take it with you on a daily basis, especially if you are a professional content creator in need of space.

PS5, PS4 and PC compatibility for this Seagate external hard drive currently on sale

Although it is an HDD and is therefore much slower than an SSD, it still carries a USB 3.0 port which will allow you to reach 135 MB/s in reading and 125 MB/s in writing, which is still more than enough to enjoy your content without latency.

No need for multiple configurations to use it, since it has the plug and play whether for your next gen console or your PC. So all you have to do is plug it in to start transferring your movies, series and other digital content.

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For those who want a good storage space without putting all their wallet in it, the Seagate 4TB external hard drive is just perfect. You can find it at Rue Du Commerce at $103 for this final sale markdown.

Buy the Seagate 4 TB at 103 $ at Rue du Commerce

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