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NFT: A license from Ubisoft becomes the star of the metaverse The Sandbox


Game news NFT: A license from Ubisoft becomes the star of the metaverse The Sandbox

While many publishers are putting NFTs aside, starting with EA and Team17, Ubisoft continues to explore the world of blockchain by unveiling Rabbids in NFT colors.

Rabbits NFT

NFT: A license from Ubisoft becomes the star of the metaverse The Sandbox

The Rabbids, the enemies of Rayman that can be seen in a 2006 party-game, later became stars of their own video game productions and even a television series, but these heroes do not intend to stop on such a good way… After rubbing shoulders with Mario in the Mario + Rabbids saga, the cute and funny anthropomorphic characters decide to take the plunge and tackle the NFT by integrating the metaverse The Sandbox. It is also Guillaume Mammi, the head of partnerships and new business opportunities at Ubisoft, who announces the news to us.

The Sandbox is a new playground for Rabbids, and an important opportunity for Ubisoft to experiment with the metaverse for its brands Guillaume Mammi

In this new production created by the French and produced by the Hong Kong group Animoca Brands, the Rabbids will themselves take the form of NFT. Even if we don’t know their price, we already know that the characters will be able to be found and purchased in the wide terrain that Ubisoft has acquired on this amazing platform. Once in your possession, the heroes of Ubisoft can of course be resold or even be used to create worlds, since, like Minecraft for example, The Sandbox allows players to create their own levels and share them with a community. Of course, all the objects that make up these levels can be bought or resold.

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For Ubisoft, this is only a first step into the world of The Sandbox since the publisher has already purchased 576 plots of the game (out of the 150,000 available), in order, in the future, to set up interactive events and display other of its licenses; we can easily imagine seeing Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed saga or even Twitch from Rainbow Six arrive in this metaverse.

As a reminder, Ubisoft is not the only brand to have purchased land in The Sandbox, since Adidas or Carrefour have also tried the experiment. The two giants have indeed acquired plots of land in the metaverse to subsequently exploit them in order to include activities such as Ubisoft or to be able to resell them in the near future.

The players show their teeth

Obviously, this news will react to the players who, moreover, have already expressed their dissatisfaction when Ubisoft implemented NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint last December. Corn for Ubisoft, this new economic dimension is an opportunity for players. On January 28, the French publisher also took the floor to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain and NFTs.

I think gamers haven’t yet understood what a secondary market can do for them. Especially since for now they believe that NFTs are destroying the planet in addition to being a tool for speculation. At Ubisoft, we see further: it’s giving players the opportunity to resell their in-game items once they no longer need them. So really, it’s for them. It really is a benefit. But they don’t understand it yet.

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