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Tim Cook (Apple) confesses that he invests in crypto of which he has been a fan “for a long time”


The cryptocurrencies they do not leave anyone indifferent. Either you love them, or you hate them. AND Tim Cook, the CEO of Manzana, is part of the first group. This Tuesday, he has acknowledged investing in this type of asset, in which he has been interested “for a long time.”

“I think they are a reasonable asset to have in a diversified portfolio,” Cook defended during his speech at a conference held this Tuesday by ‘The New York Times’ under the name of ‘DealBook‘.

This is how Apple’s CEO answered the question of whether he has bitcoin or ethereum, the two most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, in his portfolio. “I do not want to give investment advice to anyone, yes,” he hastened to add.


Cook added that he is interested in crypto from “a personal point of view”, in a clear attempt to steer Apple off the subject. In fact, the CEO of the company has made it clear that those in Cupertino do not plan to buy crypto: “I don’t think people who invest in us want to have exposure to that asset.”

Currently, Apple does not offer products or services in exchange for crypto. Its only association with this type of assets is to allow you to download cryptocurrency wallet apps through the App Store, the digital store for your mobile devices. The ones that it does prohibit are mining applications.