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Batgirl: A Batman played by a cult actor returns 30 years later!


news culture Batgirl: A Batman played by a cult actor returns 30 years later!

It was recently confirmed that Michael Keaton will be back as the Dark Knight in The Flash and Batgirl within the DCEU. The first images of the actor in costume have been revealed…

Batgirl is the next film by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, a duo of Belgian directors. As the name suggests, the film will center around the character of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who fights crime in Gotham under the identity of Batgirl. It may seem surprising, but Michael Keaton, the Dark Knight of Tim Burton in the films of 1989 te 1992will be in the casting.

Batgirl, 14th DCEU film

Batgirl: A Batman played by a cult actor returns 30 years later!

Batgirl is a movie included in the DC Extended Universe, unlike The Batman which comes out in a few days. Batgirl will be the fourteenth film of the DCEU, after Black Adam, The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Although announced for 2022, given that Aquaman is released in December, it is likely that Batgirl will be released in early 2023. It will be broadcast exclusively on the HBO Max platform, and will not be released in theaters. The fact that the film is part of the DCEU is essential to understand the presence of Michael Keaton. In fact, the movie The Flash will feature a multiverse in which the DCEU’s Batman played by Ben Aflleck and Tim Burton’s Batman played by Michael Keaton will cross paths with Barry Allen aka Flash. And two films later, we find Bruce Wayne in the guise of Keaton in Batgirl…

Michael KeatonDark Knight

Batgirl star Leslie Grace as Batgirl, JK Simmons as James Gordon, Brendan Fraser as Firefly and thus Michael Keaton as Batman. It is important to note that these new images from the shooting confirm that it will not be not just an elderly, retired Bruce Wayne: he wears the costume and looks well prepared to fight the crime, it is therefore indeed Batman the vigilante.

As for the explanation of the scenario, we know very little about it, but theories have been formulated on the Internet. We recently saw photos from the set where we see James Gordon in a flashback with his wife and young daughter Barbara. But that means that Gordon has the face of JK Simmons in the world of this film, like in the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League. So he can to be the universe depicted in Snyder’s films. But this poses a problem when we know that in this universe, Batman has the face of Ben Affleck. So either Burton’s Batman decided to travel across the multiverse to Snyder’s universe; that is Gordon has the same face in the universe of Snyder and that of Burton. This does not seem absurd since we recently discovered in a trailer for The Flash that Barry Allen had the same face in the world of Ben Affleck and in that of Michael Keaton.

Batgirl will be released exclusively on HBO Max. It is scheduled to release after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.