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Splinter Cell: the next installment between Assassin’s Creed and Halo Infinite?


Game news Splinter Cell: the next installment between Assassin’s Creed and Halo Infinite?

It’s been a long time since we heard about a return of Splinter Cell, between credible rumors and sounds of idyllic corridors: today, it is the turn of a famous journalist to add his little grain of salt… with new information.

Sam Fisher – Losing It

Splinter Cell is clearly one of Ubisoft’s most popular licenses, which a large community has wanted to return for years now. Alas, the last time we saw Sam Fisher, it was through an expansion for Ghost Recon Breakpoint or in Elite Squad; in his own game, it was with Blacklist in 2013. Apart from that, we cannot say that our famous agent often pointed the tip of his nose.

However, according to some, a new component would indeed be in preparation. The rumors have been running for years now, but the company has always been talking about it, nurturing hope for a generation. Today reporter Tom Henderson indulged in some intriguing statements about this potential episode, which would be really in development for a short time.

A less brutal Assassin’s Creed, more focused on infiltration

First of all, let’s make it clear that Tom Henderson is not just anyone in the video game landscape: with many proven scoops in the past, his credibility is real and he is one of the figures whose words carry weight. on the Internet. He works in particular for the VGC and IGN sites.

In short, the man indicates from his account Twitter Yes, a new Splinter Cell would be well in preparation: its gestation would still not be very advanced and the project would be conceived like… an open world. Ubisoft would thus apply its rather traditional recipe: Henderson also specifies that the game would be similar to a “Stealthier version than Assassin’s Creed”, quite ironic thing when you consider that this last franchise was originally presented as infiltration before turning into bloody action.

In addition, the knowledgeable surfer declares that this new Splinter Cell would be “Similar to how Halo Infinite made its world open”. A rather surprising comparison, of course, but which can make sense since it only concerns the open world: as a reminder, that of Masterchief turns out to be “Rather classic and advances well-known levers to motivate to explore one’s bowels”, as we told you in our test, released recently. The player then found himself doing what he always did in a classic open-world, namely recovering outposts (which displays additional objectives on the map), killing priority targets, destroying towers and saving NPCs.

As often, we will wait wisely for an officialization (which is obviously not about to arrive) and will take tweezers for this new information. If there is a new Splinter Cell, what shape do you think it should take?

Splinter Cell: the next installment between Assassin's Creed and Halo Infinite?

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