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War in Ukraine: what are the fearsome “Kub” kamikaze drones, used by Russia?


KUB-BLA drones have been spotted in Ukraine near kyiv. These real weapons of war are used in one go, like a kamikaze. Russia may have used these devices, according to several media.

War always brings its share of technical and tactical developments. This is still the case in recent weeks with the use of kamikaze drones. As relayed by our colleagues from CapitalRussian forces may have used Kub or Kyb kamikaze drones in Russian.

A drone with increased precision

These devices are manufactured by ZALA Aero, a company belonging to the famous Russian group Kalashnikov. The manufacturer’s site details the main characteristics of the “KYB-UAV” model, which was reportedly used in Ukraine.

According to the specialized site Army Technology, the device was built after feedback from the Russian army, during the deployment in Syria between 2015 and 2018. Presented at the Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition in 2019, the drone has a great precision. It can be programmed before take-off to hit a previously informed target. Silent and stealthy, its detection remains very complicated for armed forces on the ground.

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To further enhance its morbid goals, the KUB is equipped with artificial intelligence. It is used for visual identification of targets, in real time.

Ukraine also uses suicide drones

According to’EurasianTimes, these drones would have been used in Ukraine, in the kyiv region for several weeks. But the device would not be free from technical defects. Several photos posted on social media show the remains of KUB drones after their supposed crashes in Ukraine. The latter would therefore not have reached their target.

But Russia is not alone in using suicide drones. As we already explained to you on March 10, Ukraine also uses this type of weapon. It is the “punisher”, developed by UA Dynamics, which would be used against the Russian forces. One more step towards the automation of war.

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