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“No one negotiated with Hitler”: after the charge of the Polish Prime Minister, Macron responds and denounces


On Monday, the Polish Prime Minister attacked Emmanuel Macron, accusing him in particular of persisting in seeing Vladimir Putin as an interlocutor, declaring that no one “had ever negotiated with Hitler”. Guest of 8 p.m. on TF1 this Wednesday, April 6, the French president denounced these remarks.

“No one should negotiate with criminals, they must be fought. No one negotiated with Hitler. Would you negotiate with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot?” This question posed to Emmanuel Macron by the Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki intervenes in a context of strong emotion caused by the discovery of abuses attributed to the Russian army in the Kyiv region.

“I fully assume”

Except that the words do not pass for Emmanuel Macron, who reacted this Wednesday, April 6, when he was the guest of the JT of TF1. While the French President has spoken on several occasions with his Russian counterpart since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he replies to the Prime Minister of Poland: “I fully assume having constantly, in the name of France, spoken to the President of Russia to avoid war and build a new peace architecture in Europe many years ago”.

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no naivety

As for the Polish leader’s charge against him, Emmanuel Macron reacted by saying that “These remarks are both unfounded and outrageous, but they do not surprise me“, because of the minister’s proximity to the extreme right and the fact that he “interferes in the French political campaign”. In question, the fact that Mateus Morawiecki openly supports Marine Le Pen, whom he received Many times.

As for the dialogue with Russia, Macron concludes: “I think it’s my duty, it’s without complacency and without naivety”.

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