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Logitech G203: this gaming mouse can do everything at a very low price


News good plan Logitech G203: this gaming mouse can do everything at a very low price

If you need a new gaming mouse and you don’t have a huge budget, the Logitech G203 LightSync is a real reference. It is ultra-light, ultra-precise, ultra-responsive… and above all not expensive. Note that even if you don’t need a gaming mouse, the G203 is also very good for teleworking or office automation in general. It is a bridge between the two worlds.

Logitech’s entry-level gaming mouse has it all

We explain in more detail the characteristics of the machine a little further down. For the moment, the most knowledgeable people will understand the impact of these few letters and numbers: 8000 DPI, RGB, 1000 Hz, 4 commands (excluding classic buttons), 85 g.

Just with that and the solid reputation of Logitech, a great leader and great reference in the gaming accessories market, the experts have understood that, for an entry-level, the Logitech G203 LightSpeed ​​has very good arguments.

And of all these arguments, the main one remains its particularly low price. Normally, the LightSpeed ​​is offered at $ 39.99. Currently, it is sold for only $26.59, so it has been cut by a quarter of its price. Whatever your use, the value for money is just crazy.

Buy the Logitech G203 at 26$ on Amazon

Logitech G203 Lightspeed: an inexpensive gaming mouse with great features

Let’s start right away by giving you the faults of this mouse. In our independent test, we detected 2 of them: a click of the wheel that was too soft (the other buttons did more than the job thanks to the metal springs) and a glide that could be improved when compared to much more expensive “hardcore gamer” oriented models. Nothing too shocking either, especially since the weight of the beast, only 85 g, is particularly low.

Other than that, we don’t have much to say, especially for such a small price. Comfort level: the grip is ergonomic and the thumb falls well on the side buttons, the small RGB lighting is discreet and elegant, the pressing force is the same over the entire surface of the buttons and the optical sensor works on quite a bit of surfaces. The sensor itself is adapted to modern screens, it is precise and efficient. Square.

We really appreciate the Logitech G Hub software to manage the mouse settings and adapt it to your use. Full remapping possible, 4 possible sensitivity levels, LED color adjustment… everything is intuitive.

In short, the Logitech G203 is overall a good mouse. With such a low price, there’s not too much reason to hesitate.

Buy the Logitech G203 at 26$ on Amazon

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