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Béziers: refugees from Tchortkiv arrived this Sunday


The Ukrainian city, recently twinned with Béziers, sent a first bus of women and children. 43 people welcomed at the Palais des Congrès initially.

They left Ukraine on Friday and arrived this Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon in Béziers. It is the brand new twin town of Béziers, Tchortkiv, which sends them. 43 people, women and children including an emissary from the Ukrainian mayor, Volodymyr Chmatko. 2,400 km separate the two cities and the journey passed through Poland for a stage on Friday evening.

These 43 refugees are welcomed for 48 to 72 hours at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers, where already on Friday evening, around twenty people had arrived by their own means. After a time of reception and rest, this Sunday, they will pass an anti-Covid test and a medical visit this Monday. Then, an interview will be offered to them before finding suitable accommodation (municipal housing, associations or accommodation with voluntary individuals).

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Well organized solidarity

The mayor, Robert Ménard, and his first deputy, Elisabeth Pissarro, came to greet them as they got off the bus. The opportunity also to salute the work of the municipal agents and volunteers at the Palais de Congrès where everything is perfectly organized. Small boxes have been fitted out to receive families according to their size, with a rest room, a refectory, showers and toilets equipped for changing the youngest children. A cloakroom is available with nappies and spare clothes for children, as well as a play area.

During the week, families will be directed to accommodation. The Franciscans are currently full and a turnover should also take place there towards more permanent places.

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