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“In Sète, the streets are narrow. Not like in Kharkiv”


For Ukrainians, the streets of Sète are exotic. And it is confusing to find yourself in a pleasant tourist town in such circumstances.

Sète is a very beautiful city. But the streets are narrow. Not like in Kharkiv. It will take some getting used to“. A remark that modestly expresses homesickness, and reminds us that a world separates the Mediterranean alleys from the great avenues of Soviet town planning. Sète so far away, the war seems too. stage, located further east: “The architecture of Warsaw was familiar to us. It was pleasant, but we felt more in danger there, too close to the conflict.

You will visit Kharkiv

Guilty feelings of a change of scenery that has nothing to do with tourism. Where the sun, the beauty of nature, the generosity of the locals and the newfound security forbid complaining. But where tragedy prohibits any burst of gaiety.

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Imagining yourself, on the other hand, in the place of a place welcoming tourists, allows you to dream of joyful horizons. “Kharkiv is a wonderful city. We will rebuild it, and you will visit it.

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