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Gérard, a junk dealer in Béziers, travels 5,000 km in three days to help Ukrainians


Gérard Alfgano is a second-hand dealer. Every Tuesday and Saturday, he comes from Pamiers and travels 400 km round trip to exhibit on the Champ-de-Mars, in Béziers.

“I am passionate about objects that have a history, about the beautiful know-how of the past, about traditions, old crafts”. He could talk for hours about all his perfectly restored tools that light up his stall because, for him, it’s pleasure.

This Tuesday in March is very special for Gérard, he wears on his stand the T-shirt of Solidarity with Ukraine that he brought back from his journey of 5,000 km accomplished in three days. Leaving Pamiers, he joined a convoy of six cars in Lyon which went to Korczowa, in Poland, on the Ukrainian border.

“What shocked me the most was the total destitution”

The goal was to bring the maximum of hygiene products and diapers for babies and especially to bring back refugees. The convoy enabled the repatriation of eighteen people. What shocked me the most was the total destitution, everyone is carrying only a small bundle or a small suitcase, but they show resilience. They are all determined to move on.”

Gérard is ready for a second trip. However, we will find him every Tuesday and every Saturday, faithful to his appointment at the Champ-de-Mars.

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