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Consequences of the war in Ukraine for the French: the list of aid presented by Jean Castex this Wednesday


During a press conference presenting the “resilience plan” to deal with the war in Ukraine, Jean Castex made several promises this Wednesday, March 16.

Protecting the French economy from the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Jean Castex presented this Wednesday March 16 the economic “resilience plan” to deal with the conflict which is shaking Europe. The latter must be “effective in the short term” for “immediate” results but also be part of the future and allow “to draw the consequences for the years to come”.

He thus disclosed a series of targeted measures aimed at helping companies whose activity or costs are affected by the surge in the prices of hydrocarbons and raw materials, which target in particular the fishing, agriculture, transport and building sectors.

We have a duty to prepare for a long crisis, and to accept that the measures we have already taken and those we could take tomorrow have potentially serious consequences for Russia but also, to a lesser degree, on our economies. -Jean Castex

Help with fuel

Before the presentation of this new planthe government had announced in recent months a series of measures aimed at limit the impact of energy pricesin particular by freezing gas prices, capping the rise in electricity prices at 4% and deciding on a discount of 15 euro cents per liter on fuel prices at the pump from 1 April.

Jean Castex returned to the aid at the pump of 15 cents for individuals, specifying that it will however be extended to natural gas for vehicles and LPG.

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“The State will be particularly vigilant about the correct application of this discount by distributors and I also expect them to contribute to this system to go beyond 15 cents”, said Jean Castex, adding that TotalEnergies had given its agreement in principle “to go beyond the effort of the State”.

Business boost

Jean Castex announced aid for businesses whose gas and electricity expenses represent at least 3% of turnover“and who could make losses in 2022 due to the increase in their energy costs”. Its amount will be half of the company’s energy expenditureregardless of size or sector.

Jean Castex also announced the relaunch of the export recovery check and VIE check schemes intended to help exporting companies. Companies affected by the conflict in Ukraine and by the sanctions targeting Russia and Belarus will also benefit from measures aimed at promoting a reorientation of their exports towards new markets, explained the head of government.

Three reinforced devices

Furthermore three systems already in place will be strengthened in the coming days: the ceiling for state-guaranteed loans will be raised. It will be easier to defer tax and social charges for companies affected by energy prices or the loss of exports to Ukraine or Russia and finally the possibility of resorting to extended partial activity .

The Government is going to set up a new aid which will benefit companies whose gas and electricity expenditure represents a high proportion of expenses, ie at least 3% of their turnover. pic.twitter.com/m5xl8RVRbe

— Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) March 16, 2022

Breeders, fishermen, exceptional helpers

Still concerning fuels, breeders, companies, fishermen, will receive an aid of 35 cents per liter of diesel, from Thursday March 17 in the morning and until July 31. For breeders, the losses will be compensated pin four months, to offset the rising cost of animal feed, announces Jean Castex. “A deposit of 25% of the reimbursement of the TICPE on non-road diesel” will also be paid to them “in the coming weeks”.

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Getting out of Russian gas and oil in 2027

France has “the objective of completely withdrawing from Russian gas and oil by 2027“, indicates Jean Castex. During his conference, he declared that the capacities for importing liquefied natural gas will have to be reinforced, as will the capacities in renewable energies and biogas. heating networks”. Measures, however, conditional on the results of the presidential election.

France must also do research other sources of supply for certain metals useful to industry and for products needed by the agri-food sector, a priority. The cost of the package of support measures in the “resilience plan” unveiled on Wednesday to deal with soaring energy prices due to the war in Ukraine is expected to amount to 25 to 26 billion euros, declared the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

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