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The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer elements spotted


Game News The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer elements spotted

Even two years after the release of the game, The Last of Us 2 has not yet revealed all its secrets. This time, information hidden in the meanders of the files of the title of Naughty Dog shows models of outfits which are thought for a multiplayer mode.

A missing multiplayer mode

The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer elements spotted

The least we can say is that The Last of Us Part II caused a lot of ink to flow when it was released, especially on the question of scriptwriting choices and the direction taken by the story. But players also noted the absence of a multiplayer mode, the presence of which was hoped for by some fans of The Last of Us license. Precisely, the videographer Speclizer has recently looked into the question of multiplayer and as indicated by our colleagues from Eurogamer, the young man mentions having discovered hidden files which contain three different armor models designed for Ellie, the protagonist of The Last of Us. This would corroborate information previously mentioned in our columns. Speclizer also indicates that it has found traces of six backpacks dedicated to multiplayer, also designed for Ellie: assault, melee, sniper, stealth, support and tactics. The elements found show that Neil Druckman and the team who worked on The Last of Us 2 had already thought of many objects before leaving the project as it is.

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Naughty Dog still on the go?

The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer elements spotted

The question that remains unanswered is that of the future of this multiplayer mode. The elements found in the game files may simply be indicators of the work done on this point and of the developers’ initial desire to offer multiplayer for The Last of Us 2, without this mode actually ending up integrating the proposals. of the title. Still, the studio had said it was active in the development of a multiplayer, while Speclizer specifies that the size of the map hidden in the files may mean that this mode could be designed as a Battle Royal. The videographer also indicates that if he and his partners find a way to make the backpacks mentioned before work, they would consider producing a video to show them. For now, there is no certainty about the arrival of multiplayer in The Last of Us 2, whether in terms of content or release window, if indeed it actually sees the light of day.

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