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Star Wars The Old Repulic: a superb cutscene for the Legacy ot the Sith expansion


Game News Star Wars The Old Repulic: a superb cutscene for the Legacy ot the Sith expansion

This is enough to heat up an entire community: BioWare has just released a sumptuous trailer of more than six minutes for the Legacy of the Sith extension, for its MMO Star Wars The Old Republic. And it’s definitely very cool.

Six minutes in good company (or not)

It was yesterday, Tuesday February 16, that BioWare launched Legacy of the Sith, a huge expansion thought to be a very big breath of fresh air to the Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. A DLC that will have required a long period of development and announced for the tenth anniversary of the game, last December. That doesn’t make us that much younger.

Obviously, it was in the interest of the Canadian studio to put the package on the communication: after a trailer in real time in January, the firm has therefore just released a very large trailer in CGI which you can find above. A real short film in the total vein of Star Wars and which reminds us of the pitch of this additional content: Darth Malgus, ruthless Sith, wishes to take control of the planet Manaan for mysterious reasons. Several Jedi will come without surprise to prevent it or, at the very least, they will try, the sweat with the forehead.

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Level up

This generous extension is an opportunity to bring a lot of additional content and possibilities. First, the maximum experience level is increased, now standing at 80. A large number of collaborative missions are also offered, through a plethora of new environments such as mystical temples or abandoned space research stations.

The other very interesting facet concerns fighting styles, especially refreshed as players can now combine multiple powers, from different classes and Force adepts, to customize and deepen gameplay.

Pretty promises for this MMO originally released at the end of 2011, and therefore still well maintained in 2022. We remind you that Legacy of the Sith is already available (for a day at the time of writing these lines) on PC.

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