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Plane crash in China: the second black box of the device has still not been found


After the crash of a Boeing 737-800 in China on March 21, the second black box of the device remains untraceable. The plane carried out an internal connection and suddenly fell, without the exact reasons being known.

Chinese rescue services have found no survivors in the China Eastern Airlines plane crash and the plane’s second black box has yet to be recovered, authorities said on Saturday.

A Boeing 737-800

An emergency locator transmitter of the aircraft located near the location where the second black box had been installed was, however, found, Zhu Tao, director of the administration’s Aviation Safety Bureau, told reporters. Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC).

A CAAC representative said Wednesday that one of the two black boxes from flight MU5735 had been found. This flight, operated on a Boeing 737-800, which was carrying 132 people – 123 passengers and nine crew members – was operating between the cities of Kunming and Guangzhou when it suddenly dropped from its cruising altitude before s crush and disintegrate almost completely due to the violence of the impact.

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