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Frontignan: at the Lavandins school, we mobilized for Ukraine


A collection of hygiene products, in particular, was carried out by the children of the Lavandins de Frontignan elementary school with the help of their parents.

If the adults mobilized to collect essential objects for Ukraine, via a deposit at the Frontignan project center, the solidarity movement also spread to the nine classes – from CP to CM2, including one Ulis class (localized school inclusion unit) and a UEEA class (elementary autism teaching unit) – from the Lavandins elementary school.

Children even used their pocket money

Between March 7 and 11, in fact, the children mobilized to collect hygiene products (soaps, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), diapers, surgical masks and bandages. The families bought the items from the list sent by the town hall. Some children even used their pocket money to participate in the purchases.

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About twenty boxes collected

After a week of collection, everything was presented in the classrooms, then collected in the school hall. Then, the twenty boxes were dropped off at the Project House on Friday at the end of the day. “All the children hope that these boxes will arrive safely to bring aid to the refugees”commented Camille Dobelmann, one of the teachers at the Frontignan school.

A topic of ongoing discussion

In addition, this action was an opportunity to start class discussions around the war in Ukraine, to explain the geopolitical situation of Russia and Ukraine, and the role of NATO. “This awareness of humanitarian aid has allowed the children to feel useful, actors, in a period when the news raises many questions and concerns”continued the teacher proud of the involvement of the students in this project.

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