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Far Cry 6: Rambo infiltrates Ubisoft’s FPS for a free mission


Game News Far Cry 6: Rambo infiltrates Ubisoft’s FPS for a free mission

For a few years now, the stars of action films from the 80s have been infiltrating bodybuilding video game productions to make the powder talk. This was particularly the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger who came to make the show in Mortal Kombat 11, Bruce Willis in Call of Duty: Warzone and of course Sylvester Stallone. Today, the 75-year-old man takes up arms again to rob dozens of soldiers in one of Ubisoft’s latest productions, namely the explosive Far Cry 6.

“It was not my war”

While Rambo may not necessarily like to mind other people’s business, today the ’80s blockbuster hero is transported straight into Far Cry 6 to help Dani Rojas liberate Yara Island. Finally, it is not really the famous character of Sylvester Stallone who will take up arms, but one of his super fans. Determined to live up to his mentor, this super fan will therefore lead you on his own scripted mission, namely “All the Blood”, to knock out Anton Castillo’s henchmen with class.

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Good news, in addition to being free and already available, this mission (playable in solo or in cooperation) offers all participants to leave with a copy of the Arc of Vengeance, an explosive weapon that is effective against infantry, but also against helicopters and heavy units. Of course, once the weapon is unlocked, players can keep it in their inventory permanently and even use it in the game’s main quest.

Far Cry 6: Rambo infiltrates Ubisoft's FPS for a free mission

Always more Rambo

If you want more, also note that the “All the Blood” event dedicated to the character of Rambo takes the opportunity to give access to an equipment pack. Always in the effigy of our hero with protruding arms, this pack, this time paying, is composed of an additional outfit for Dani Rojas, but also a new weapon, a vehicle and even a few little surprises.

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As a reminder, Sylvester Stallone isn’t the only star to have set foot in Ubisoft’s game, as Danny Trejo already made an appearance in Far Cry 6 last year. For more information, click here.

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