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Xbox Game Pass: Additions (Hitman 3…) and departures (Cybershadow…) from the end of January 2022


Game news Xbox Game Pass: Additions (Hitman 3…) and departures (Cybershadow…) from the end of January 2022

Twice a month, Microsoft Xbox takes stock of the new features and departures that drive the life of the Xbox Game Pass catalog. As expected, Microsoft has just listed the titles that will arrive or leave during the end of January.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription, available on PC, Xbox consoles and smartphones, which provides access to a whole catalog of titles, including all Xbox Game Studios games. This offer is available in three formulas: the Game Pass Console at $9.99, the Game Pass PC at the same price and Game Pass Ultimate at $12.99, which gives access to the other two, Xbox Live, cloud gaming, and EA Play titles.

Not happy to announce the upcoming takeover of Activision-Blizzard-King, Microsoft continues its day by announcing the complete list of titles that will integrate the Xbox and PC Game Pass catalog in the coming days. As usual, this list of novelties is accompanied by those of the games that will leave the service the last day of the month. By the end of January these are not no less than 9 games which will integrate the catalog. Some have already been announced, like Hitman: Trilogy, Rainbow Six Extraction, Windjammers 2 and Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition, but a few titles are yet to be discovered! Here is the list of additions:

On the departure side, they are less numerous since they are only four, and do not concern large productions. However, we note the disappearance of a title with a great community, Prison Architect, and the very good retro metroidvania Cybershadow. All will leave the catalog on January 31!

See you at the beginning of February to discover the list of games that will integrate the Game Pass during the first fortnight. In the meantime, remember that Anvil, Nobody Save the World, Stardew Valley, The Forgotten City, Death’s Door, Unpacking, One Piece : Pirate Warriors 4, Archvale and Exo One now have touch controls.

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