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Warcraft, StarCraft, Warhammer: who plagiarized who?


Game News Warcraft, StarCraft, Warhammer: who plagiarized who?

In HelloSolar.info LEGENDS, we come back for you to the crazy stories that have shaped video games. After Nintendo’s double failure and the incredible rise of challenger Arslan Ash on Tekken, this new HelloSolar.info LEGENDS returns to the crazy rumor that says that the whole universe created by Blizzard would ultimately be a huge plagiarism of Warhammer. The video is now available on Youtube.

Chicken or Egg, Warcraft or Warhammer

For those who know Warcraft and Warhammer, the comparison has necessarily come to mind as the two universes share similarities. At the origin of these two worlds, we have Blizzard and Games Workshop. The first is the giant of the video game industry that we all know, which obviously developed Warcraft, but also Diablo, Overwatch and Starcraft. For its part, Games Workshop is the creator of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, the number 1 Wargames on the market. If the licenses don’t have much to do in terms of product, how come they are so similar in terms of lore? Did one steal the other’s ideas?

To tell the truth, no one is completely sure of anything. Until today, the two houses prefer to speak of mutual inspiration. Early Blizzard Developers Truly Fall In Love With RTS Dune II: The Battle of Arrakis. However, the absence of multiplayer disappoints them and they then decide to modify the code of the game to implement a multiplayer function. Finally, seeing the possibilities that such a title can offer, they decide to take inspiration from it to create their own STR. And for the lore, they decide once again to tap into their favorite universes. And that’s when they set their sights on… Warhammer.

The circle is complete

Warcraft became the license that we all know, which gave birth to the Most popular MMORPG of all time and a ton of by-products. But this is not the only flagship license from Blizzard, since the studio has also launched an assault on science fiction with Starcraft, a monument of the Esport scene.. But once again the comparison is in order as the universe depicted within Starcraft looks too close to Warhammer 40K, Games Workshop’s other license. Except this time, the reverse happened. Warhammer 40K, over its reissues, ended up drawing inspiration from the imagination of Starcraft to refine the design of these miniatures which was strongly criticized at the time.

The two companies have never hidden having tapped into each other’s worlds, but have never really insisted on it either. Warcraft and Warhammer have led a peaceful existence far from each other, and have each been immensely successful without ever hampering the development of their competitor.. And finally, more than copying each other, the two firms have above all drawn on the collective imagination, by taking up elements from works that speak to the general public, such as The Lord of the Rings, Alien or Starship Troopers again. Culture is the perpetual renewal of the appearance of certain motifs, themselves derived from history, tales and legends, stories developed through the ages…

This HelloSolar.info LEGENDS looks back at the real story behind Warcraft and Warhammer, works with striking similarities, each of which had a fate both so close and so far from each other. If you want to know everything about the genesis of these two giants, we invite you to watch the HelloSolar.info LEGENDS on Youtube now, and if you like the format, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss the next episodes.