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News good deal Sales: a powerful laptop made for teleworking at -35%!


News good deal Sales: a powerful laptop made for teleworking at -35%!

The sales continue with this good plan at Fnac. For 35% less, i.e. a price going from 1299$ to 849$, you can take advantage of this little marvel from Acer, ideal for telecommuting and even playing certain low-consumption games. A laptop built for the new Windows 11 OS.

For the price, you have a pretty impressive setup. This PC does not have a graphics card, since it is not a gaming PC, but it still has a 11th Gen Core i5 up to 4.4GHz with four hearts. A machine cut out for office automation, image processing and multimedia, capable of offering great raw power when needed, while being economical when the PC is operating at cruising speed.

Buy the Acer Swift 3 at 849$ at Fnac

The processor is coupled to 16 GB of RAM, a very comfortable value. Suffice to say that your applications will be off the hook with this PC, which will therefore have no problem running the latest version of Windows.

Even if this laptop does not have a separate graphics card, it can still run many games with its Intel Iris X chipset integrated into the processor. Especially with his beautiful 16.1 inch screen in Full HD resolution, you won’t damage your eyes. Ideal for relaxing between two well-boosted teleworking sessions.

Sales: a powerful laptop made for teleworking at -35%!

Connectivity of a modern and Pro-oriented laptop

Very good DTS Audio compatible speakers are present between the screen and the keyboard. In addition, this Acer Swift has 512 GB of SSD. However, if you want expand your storage space, you can have it disassembled and install the delicious little M.2 bar (on sale at Amazon) here:

Connectivity level, this versatile laptop has an HDMI port, which is great if you want to work with another screen connected, a USB 3.2 port for excellent transfer speed as well as a more recent USB-C port for compatibility with the latest peripherals released. It manages Bluetooth 5.1 and has a network card with Wi-Fi 6 standards.

A great way to start the year with this highly optimized laptop for working from home that will support Windows updates for years to come. For such a price, it’s time to equip yourself with a modern workstation at a very low price during these sales.

Buy the Acer Swift 3 at 849$ at Fnac

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