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Good news PS5 sales: Death Stranding Director’s Cut at a low price!


News good plan PS5 Sales: Death Stranding Director’s Cut at a low price!

Notice to PS5 owners, those chosen ones who will have the opportunity to discover a marvel of narration in a Director’s Cut version signed by the master Kojima during these sales. Fans of the creator who fell in love with Sony’s latest console can enjoy the title at -33% or 33$ at Amazon.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 at -33% during sales

Needless to say, this gorgeous game is going to benefit from the best graphics quality and the better optimization on next-gen console. For example, loading times will increase to 6 seconds maximum depending on the situation, compared to 1 min 20 on PS4 Pro. The resolution has been increased to 4K and a constant 60 fps framerate. Enough to honor this deep game with a unique artistic direction.

Buy Death Stranding Director’s Cur PS5 at 33$ at Amazon

It is truly the ultimate Death Stranding experience available to PS5 players, since a plethora of new content will be added to the base game which was already excellent. Even the gameplay is thus enriched with new combat mechanics, in particular an improvement in close combat and a system of competitive challenges.

The best budget Death Stranding experience on PS5

In terms of additional content, new weapons are appearing, as well as new vehicles. You also have new types of enemies as well as new areas where you will have access to new missions as well as additional mini-games. Thus the lifespan of a title that could do between 40 and 80 hours depending on your style of play will be further increased.

PS5 Sales: Death Stranding Director's Cut at a low price!

Audio level, you will take your ears full with the support of 3D audio, but also new collaborations, with Woodkid in particular.

This complete version will make you rediscover a mature and surprising game that does not have many equivalents among current productions. In this box, Hideo Kojima has also put ado a good dose of humor and easter eggs. This brilliant content makes us appreciate this decidedly extraordinary creator, which the world of video games really needs.

You can find our test of this PS5 version here:

With this offer from Amazon, we therefore have a good way to rediscover a game that we have already played or simply to enjoy the title with the best options to date, for new players.

Buy Death Stranding Director’s Cur PS5 at 33$ at Amazon

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