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War in Ukraine: you want to help or need help, this platform lists practical solutions


Do you want to act for Ukraine, but not always easy to find your way around the actions proposed? The Red Cross is launching this Tuesday, March 29 a platform for those who want to help, or those who need help.

A platform put online by the French Red Cross lists possible actions to mobilize in the context of the Ukrainian conflict. Whether you want to help or need help, the site, baptized, “Hello Red Cross” offers various solutions.

The site also available in Ukrainian

Its strong point is that it is available in several languages: in French, but also in Ukrainian, Russian and English. On the homepage, you can choose depending on your situation, whether you want to receive help or give it.

“For several weeks, millions of people have been fleeing Ukraine to find shelter and take the road to reach the countries of the European Union. Thousands of them arrive, cross or settle in France every day“, indicates the Red Cross.

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Help and get help

Thus, for people in need, the platform offers answers according to the situation they are facing. For example, we find the tabs “treating me”, “feeding me”, “dressing me”, “finding a loved one” or even “accessing my rights”.

For those who wish to help, it is proposed to them to make a donation, referring to associations and adequate material needs in the context of the war in Ukraine. It is also proposed to mobilize. Again, the Red Cross offers many options, depending on the profile of the person visiting the platform.

To find all the platforms and initiatives in France and in the Occitanie region, which allow us to mobilize for Ukraine, you can also check our articlewhich lists the options available to you if you want to get involved.

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