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An Italian journalist sexually assaulted live, she files a complaint


Greta Beccaglia was in full duplex on Italian television when a man approached her to slap her butt on Saturday, November 27. She decided to file a complaint.

Since Saturday, the image has toured the Italian media, and not only. Sports journalist Greta Beccaglia was securing a duplex in front of a football stadium, after the Empoli-Fiorentina match, when she was sexually assaulted. A man approached her while she was facing the camera, and slapped her buttocks after he spat into her hand.

An extremely inappropriate gesture, which took the journalist by surprise: “You cannot do that”, she retorted immediately to her attacker. To add to the unease of this bewildering scene, the host did not defend his journalist and simply said: “Finally, do not get angry.”

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Weekend of tributes to women victims of violence

This assault, which took place live on television, took place during a weekend where Serie A paid tribute to all women victims of violence. After the scene, we see other men pass to the right and left of the young journalist.

Some Italian media report that Greta Beccaglia was the victim of other attacks of the type once the camera was cut. She decided to file a complaint against the author of this slap, who has already received a stadium ban for 3 years.