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War in Ukraine: why does the Russian embassy advise against going to Deauville?


The Russian Embassy in France advises its nationals against traveling to Deauville. The Russian authorities deplore the anti-Russian policy of the “communal authorities”. Explanation.

In a Tweet, the Russian Embassy in France recommends to its nationals currently present in France not to go to Deauville (Calvados). According to Russian representatives, the municipality currently in place is the source of the problem.

Russia warns of ’emerging personal security risks’

“The Russian Embassy in France does not recommend that Russian citizens visit this city (Deauville, Ed.), taking into account the emerging risks for personal security”, warns the Twitter account “Russie en France”.

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В связи с проводимыми муниципальными властями
g. Довиль антироссийскими акциями Посольство России во Франции не рекомендует российским гражданам посещать этот город, принимая во внимание возникающие риски для личной безопасности. pic.twitter.com/tjmMvb77PI

— Russia in France (@AmbRusFrance) March 28, 2022

As reported The Parisianthis warning from the embassy comes a few days after the announcement by the town hall of the municipality to project a Ukrainian flag “every evening on the facade of the Villa owned by the Russian Embassy in Deauville”.

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City hall support for the Ukrainian people

Following this protest action by the town hall, the Russian Federation in France installed scaffolding with a large tarpaulin to try to hide the flag projected on the facade. Without success, “the screening still takes place” explains to the Parisian Philippe Augier, mayor of the city.

“I hesitated a little and I heard a speech by the Russian ambassador, a frightening tissue of lies, of absurdities obviously resuming Putin’s speech. There I hesitated more, I said to myself: ‘We must that we visibly show our support and our solidarity with the Ukrainian people”, he explains to our colleagues. The alert from the Russian Embassy calling for people not to come to Deauville could then take on its full meaning. A form of diplomatic response to the message of the municipality.

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