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The Last of Us HBO: the cast changed by surprise, a cult actor arrives!


Culture news The Last of Us HBO: the cast changed by surprise, a cult actor arrives!

The production of the series The Last of Us, expected on HBO, continues. Periodically, footage and videos from the shoot are released, much to the chagrin of the production, who would surely like viewers to find out about the adaptation upon release. We already knew a good part of the cast, but a change has just been announced by Variety.

We already knew that Pedro Pascal will play Joel, who Bella Ramsey will take on as Ellie, that Gabriel Luna will play Tommy, that Anna Torve will be Tess or that Merle Dandridge will resume her role as leader of these Fireflies, Marlene. We also knew that Bill, the survivor capable of creating many traps and with a fairly developed background, was to be played by Con O’Neil, known for his roles in the film Watchmen and the series Chernobyl.

A change announced in full production

Unfortunately, the latter had to cancel due to a busy schedule, and the production was forced to find a brand new actor. It has been found, and it should bring back memories for sitcom fans. It is indeed Nick Offerman, known for his cult role of Ron Swanson in the no less legendary series Parks & Recreation. It is also found in the series Will & grace, Brooklyn nine nine, The Good Place or Monk. It is therefore to the latter that will fall the heavy task of giving life to the character of Bill, ready to do absolutely anything to preserve his house and his city from the infected.

As a reminder, the series The Last of Us is best expected by the end of 2022, and will follow the storyline of the first game. In addition to the adventure that players have been able to experience on PS3 and PS4, the series should integrate some additional passages, withdrawn during the development of the game. The set is supervised by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, while several directors, including Druckmann, will take turns to produce the 10 episodes which are planned. As far as France is concerned, we should be able to follow the episodes on the same platform as people living across the Atlantic, since the HBO Max platform should be available with us in the coming weeks / months.