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Vampire Survivors: what is this addictive game that is a hit on Twitch?


Game News Vampire Survivors: what is this addictive game that is a hit on Twitch?

This week, some of you may have noticed that a new game was trending: Vampire Survivors. A title whose graphics are inspired by Castlevania and in principle as addictive as a mobile game without its faults.

The reward circuit

Zerator, Mister MV or even Antoine Daniel… Last week, many streamers tried their hand at Vampire Survivors, released on December 17, 2021. A simple but terribly addictive game: in a 2D game with (very) retro, the player must control a character and survive 30 minutes against several waves of monsters. He only moves his hero while the attacks and powers he picks up are triggered automatically. The aesthetics of the game are very reminiscent of Castlevania: police, creatures and even satanic-religious folklore are in the game. As time passes, the enemies grow in number and strength as the player gets their hands on legendary weapons and powers.

But then, how does this game seduce? First of all, it’s the very satisfying loop created by the game: we clean up the waves of monsters one by one, while the noise generated during the collection of experience points encourages us to do more and more. And that’s not counting the different mixtures that the player can try. There are three different classes and plenty of items to pick up, combine and evolve. In total, it’s a big ten hours that is necessary to finish the game 100%. And once finished, you want to start over.

The surprise of this beginning of the year

An addictive principle on paper, but also in practice! Vampire Survivors is a hit on Twitch, where it broke into the top 50 most-watched games on Twitch for the past three days. On the Steam side, almost 7000 evaluations have been recorded, 99% of which are extremely positive. By reading the comments, all report a very addictive game, which runs well and whose price (2.39$) is a bargain for the enjoyment it provides.

Vampire Survivors, in early access today, is the first game made by poncle. No details have been provided regarding a potential release of the game in 1.0 or for future content. In the meantime, we can always launch a Vampire Survivor session. Or two. Or three.

Source : Sully Gnome and Steam.