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Impressive video of a chairlift out of control: nearly 100 trapped people have to jump


This is a very rare incident which was reported by L’Indépendant on Monday 24 January. In a Korean ski resort called Bears Town Ski, last weekend, a chairlift suddenly stopped working properly.

So much so that he got totally out of control! He began to reverse at full speed, surprising the skiers and snowboarders who were sitting on the machine.

A 7-year-old child slightly injured

On the images, we see some of them jumping before getting stuck. Others did not have the same reflex, and nearby witnesses came to lend them a hand, to try to get them out of this mess.

The seats piled up one behind the other, trapping around 100 people in the process, according to local media KoreaJoongAngDaily. They were saved by the intervention of the emergency services. Finally, more little than bad since only a 7-year-old child victim of bruises was hospitalized.

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However, despite an investigation launched by the local authorities, the causes of the accident could not be determined.

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