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Ukraine: after “Liberated, delivered” in a bunker, little Amélia sang the Ukrainian anthem in Poland


His interpretation of the song from “The Snow Queen” in a kyiv bunker had made him famous all over the world. This time, Amélia sang in a stadium to raise funds for her country.

His filmed cover of Liberated, delivered had moved the whole world, going viral on social networks in just a few hours at the beginning of March. But this time, little Amelia Anisovych performed in front of thousands of people, in a stadium located in a safe zone, in Poland this Sunday, March 20.

And once again, his performance went around the world. At only 7 years old, she became one of the symbols of the Ukrainian resistance by interpreting the national anthem (“Shtche ne vmerla Oukraïna”=”Ukraine is not yet dead”) within the framework of a concert charity organized in the stadium of Lodz.

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First 7 year old Amelia Anisovych became popular by singing in the bomb shelter for people around. Now she’s opened a charity event in Poland for Ukraine performing national anthem pic.twitter.com/uWyD1LXYbz

— Iuliia Mendel (@IuliiaMendel) March 21, 2022

She appeared in a traditional Ukrainian dress, while the audience in front of her shone through the stadium using cellphones. A timeless moment, after which little Amelia was warmly applauded.

The names of the cities affected by the Russian bombardments then paraded on the giant screen, while the bomb threat sirens sounded in the stadium, to remind us of the hell in which Ukrainians have been plunged every day since February 24 last.

On March 3, the little girl was filmed singing a song from the film The Snow Queen, while she was taking refuge in a bomb shelter in kyiv.

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the video had been shared around the world as a symbol of hope for the people of Ukraine, who have shown extraordinary courage and resilience since the Russian onslaught on February 24.

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