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Shooting in Washington: what we know about the attack that left several injured


A shooting in the United States injured several people this Friday, April 22, 2022. One or more suspects were still at large. The investigation is continuing.

Two adults and a minor were injured in a shooting near a school in the northwest city of Washington, the United States, on Friday, law enforcement officials said, seeking of one or more suspects.

A man and woman were found near Edmund Burke School and hospitalized in critical but stable condition and a minor suffered minor gunshot wounds, according to Deputy Chief of Police Stuart Emerman. Police forces are deployed throughout the neighborhood in search of an unidentified suspect, he said, adding that several individuals seen fleeing the scene were briefly restrained by officers at the scene before being arrested. be exonerated.

An upscale neighborhood in Washington

“We are looking for one or more suspects. We have no motive at this time,” Stuart Emerman told reporters. “We don’t know the full details of what happened. But we continue to ask people to stay away from the area as we continue our investigation.” A witness told a local TV station he heard a flurry of gunfire for about a minute and saw several people taking cover behind cars pointing to a balcony from which the shots appeared to have come.

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According to Washington, DC police, the shooting took place near Connecticut Avenue in the northwest of the city. The upscale neighborhood is also home to several embassies, Howard University School of Law and the Van Ness Campus of the University of the District of Columbia, which said on its Twitter account that it was instructed to stay on the grounds of establishment for safety.

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