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Russia: “I will do everything to make them disappear”, Dmitry Medvedev’s threats against the West


The former Russian president has distinguished himself for several months with very virulent messages against Westerners. Formerly a liberal, Dmitri Medvedev aligns himself with the radical positions of Vladmir Putin.

Dmitri Medvedev, a real Putin bis? The number two of the Russian Security Council has been distilling very radical messages against the West since opening his Telegram account in March 2022.

Westerners, “bastards and degenerates”

In recent days, the former Russian president has stood out with remarks that are extreme to say the least. “I hate them. They are bastards and degenerates. They want death for us, for Russia. And as long as I live, I will do everything to make them disappear,” he said in recent days. Comments reported by the newspaper Le Monde.

According to our colleagues, Medvedev is accustomed to provocative messages against Western countries. “Odious, criminal and immoral”, the qualifiers abound. Like Vladimir Putin, this close friend of the current Russian head of state, locks himself in a binary and paranoid vision of the world of international diplomacy. “Russia has enough power to put all these enemies unleashed against our country in their place,” he wrote in particular in his Telegram feed.

Once upon a time, Dmitry Medvedev was considered one of Russia’s most liberal politicians. A vision that is more open to the world and to technology in particular.