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Indra develops electronic intelligence systems of the future for the Navy


Indra is designing and developingas part of the national program of Electronic Defense Santiago, an innovative signals intelligence system (ELINT).based on broadband digital reception, which will be installed in one of Santiago’s ships of the Spanish Navy To demonstrate the new operational capability.

This demonstrator incorporates the common technological elements of the s.Army and Air and Space Army intelligence systems. aimed at assuring the operability and superiority of our Armed Forces in any scenario. Mastering the electromagnetic spectrum is one of the most important factors in ensuring the operational capabilities of a military and the security of any country.

The Directorate General of Armament and Material (DGAM). has awarded Indra a contract to develop and test the new generation of electronic intelligence systems. that facilitate the detection and generation of strategic information to ensure access to and utilization of the electromagnetic spectrum to our Armed Forces.

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The system incorporates the latest advances in digital signal processing that enable the Navy adapt more flexibly to any operating environment. It is a system that offers increased performance, range and sensitivity.and that allows for more agile data collection, simultaneously covering a wide range of greater bandwidth to detect the low probability of intercept radars. employed by some platforms to try to hide. Its smaller size and power consumption. on the other hand reduces the logistical footprint of the army.facilitating operations longer and uninterrupted operations.

Indra has become one of the world’s major leaders in electronic defense. The work developed in recent decades within the national electronic defense program Santiago has enabled it to develop some of the most innovative and sophisticated solutions available on the market.. These are systems that have attracted the interest of some of the most modern marinas in the world, such as those of Norway, Germany, Italy, India, South Korea and Mexico, among others.

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In it aerospace field, Indra has developed together with its European partners the. DASS Praetorian system which protects more than half a thousand Eurofighters from seven countries. It has also developed the sophisticated electronic defense pod carried by the Spanish F18 and leads some of the European R&D projects that are shaping the future of this technology.

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