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Pokémon Scarlet / Purple teased in Sword / Shield? A clue discovered by the players!


Game news Pokémon Scarlet / Purple teased in Sword / Shield? A clue discovered by the players!

The announcement was as expected as hoped, and it happened. During Pokémon Present on February 27, GameFreak revealed the games that will accompany the ninth generation of Pokémon. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are expected at the end of the year, and it seems that we could have seen it coming more than two years ago.

Pokémon Scarlet / Violet risks marking a turning point in the history of the license, since for the first time, the adventure will take place in a fully open world and swarming with pokemon. We should be able to go from town to town and from environment to environment without transition, and capture many new pokemon. Alone the three starters have for the moment been revealedbut we’ll know more about the regional pokédex in the coming months.

Off to Spain?

Each game in the main branch offering a reinterpretation of a country or region of the world (France, Japan, United Kingdom …), the fans immediately sought to know which country was inspired by the new region. Quickly, the clues multiplied. In the trailer, within the part dedicated to the first images of the game, we see a piece of map that totally corresponds to the Iberian Peninsula.

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A huge building evokes the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona, ​​and the choice of colors-titles evoke the colors of a old flag of spain. Add to this the insistence with which Game Freak highlights two symbolic fruits of the country, orange and grapethe Mediterranean vibe, and you have a list of clues that leave little room for doubt.

Hints on Pokémon Scarlet / Purple from 2019?

In addition, Game Freak has regularly dropped hints as to the theme of upcoming games in its previous productions. We particularly remember Bibelot Bizarre of Pokémon X and Y which evoked the Alola region of Pokémon Sun / Moon or the presence of a poster representing Salarsen Gigamax in Pokémon Ultra-Sun / Ultra-Moon. Budding researchers have therefore been digging on the side of Sword / Shield, released in 2019, to find possible clues and … Bingo, they would have found something !

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This is the Twitter account Pokemon Center, well known to the community, which relays a particular image of the 8th generation. In a building, players can find yourself at the entrance to a blocked room by a red ribbon. Inside, a wallpaper, which cannot be found anywhere else in the game, represents oranges and grapes. There’s nothing to say for certain that this is indeed a clue, but when you think back to the studio’s track record, difficult not to see a very subtle referenceundetectable before the announcement of the new titles.

All the while there was a ninth generation lead in Sword and Shield.

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