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News good plan Mobile plan: Free offers 30 GB more for the sales!


News good plan Mobile plan: Free offers 30 GB more for the sales!

Barely entered in 2022 and the good news is already starting to arrive thanks to the winter sales: currently, Free offers 30 GB of additional internet on its Free Series mobile plan, going from 70 GB to 100 GB for an unbeatable price. from $ 10.99 per month!

Mobile plan: Free offers 30 GB more for the same price!

How much time did you spend browsing social media on public transport, checking emails at any time of the day, or reading the news during your lunch break? How many times have you used the GPS function of your smartphone so as not to get lost? As you can no longer do without the Internet, having enough data has become essential.

You will be delighted to learn that until January 18, the Free Series package without commitment goes from 70 GB to 100 GB with 10 GB of internet abroad for an exclusive price of $ 10.99 / month applied for a period of one year from your subscription, then followed by an automatic switch to the Free 5G plan at $ 19.99 / month.

With these 100 GB / month available in mainland France, you will have all the internet you need while surfing the powerful 4G / 5G network from your smartphone. And if you plan to go on a trip abroad, don’t worry, your Free plan will support you by offering you 10 GB / month.

Buy the 100GB package for $10 at Free

A mobile plan for even more data at a low price

Simply and quickly, you will be able to surf the Internet, consult your messages and even watch your TV series on Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime thanks to the Free 4G / 5G mobile network of very high quality, present in all the departments of metropolitan France.

And, in addition to mobile data, enjoy unlimited calls and SMS / MMS to mobiles and landlines in mainland France, DOM (outside Mayotte) and even in Europe.

The Free operator will offer you many other very interesting advantages. In particular, you will be able to join the millions of Free WiFi hotspots, a community service included in your package and which can be activated automatically in France.

If necessary, Free customer service makes sure to meet all your needs by providing you with help every day from 7 a.m. to midnight by calling 3244 or by video with Face to Free.

The Free plan always offers you more Data with its Free plan going from 70 GB to 100 GB for only $ 10.99 per month. Don’t miss this advantageous discount for anything in the world by ordering before January 18!

Buy the 100GB package for $10 at Free

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