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News tip Winter sales 2022: LDLC pulls out all the stops!


News good plan Winter sales 2022: LDLC is releasing the big game!

For these winter sales 2022, LDLC did not wait to release the big caliber and launch discounts on a large number of products in its business corner. Smart televisions, desktop PCs and / or gaming laptops, smartphones, PC screens, cameras and many other references are available in limited quantities with reduced prices!

Dozens of computer and high-tech products are on sale at LDLC

If you need a computer or high-tech product during these sales, you have two choices: wait until the last moment to make sure you get the biggest reduction possible, or hurry up to make sure there is enough stock. The important thing is to know how to manage the jump ball and to bet on the right horse. Currently you can enjoy already enjoy 16% reduction on all LDLC articles in the “business corner”!

Find computer and high-tech sales at LDLC

We have something here for all tastes and all budgets, from the small 140mm ZEXT fan at $ 2.51 instead of $ 2.99 to the 17-inch Gigabyte Aero gaming laptop with its 2080 super at $ 3,032.36 at the instead of $ 3,609.95. You might as well say that the “business corner” offers you a lot of possibilities.

TV, laptops and desktops, accessories, smartphones, cameras, tablets, screens, computer parts and printers are all at reduced prices!

In terms of televisions, we have QLED references, 4K ultra HD for your PS5, OLED all with prices on sale between $ 400 and $ 1,800. For laptops, you have a lot of choices for both gamers and pure office automation, with brands as varied as Apple, Alienware, MSI or Toshiba for example.

There are a few opportunities, especially on the fixed PC side. It mainly contains configurations for office use, although some can run simple games without any hassle. In the accessories, we have a helmet as well as ruffles and joysticks, but that’s not all! We also have a standalone mobile gaming device, the GAEMS Sentinel, which is compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4 and PS3.

Winter sales 2022: LDLC is releasing the big game!

Among the phones, we have both ultra basic for less than 20 $ as smartphone with Xiaomi Mi 11i at 529 $ instead of 629 $. There are also some Apple accessories such as adapters. Few connected objects are currently available, but it is not impossible that this will change later.

The Cameras category contains some pearls like the Green Screen of Elgato which is ç 159 instead of 189, many accessories for your cameras as well as several references like the Nikon D3500, the Nikon Z 50 or the Pentax K-1 Mark II.

With tablets, it’s a bit the same with accessories and devices that vary in price and in brand. We thus have several iPad Pro alongside Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. But the most extensive part seems undoubtedly that of the screens with no less than 5 pages of articles in reductions. 24 inches and 37.5 inches are present, and we will easily find Full HD, but also 4K!

If you are looking for one, you will finally find several laser or inkjet printers of different sizes, from the small label printer with its carrying case at 63.80 $ instead of 75.95 $ up to the imposing Canon i-SENSYS MF543x at $ 526.64 instead of $ 626.95. Finally, you will have access to various computer parts, from the fan to the water-cooling tank, including processors such as the Intel Core i5-12400F

Find computer and high-tech sales at LDLC

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