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Pokémon GO: January 2022 Free Rewards Codes


news tip Pokémon GO: January 2022 Free Rewards Codes

Pokémon GO regularly offers its players codes to obtain free rewards. This month, players will be able to collect Poké Balls and cosmetic items for the avatar!

Pokémon GO: January 2022 Free Rewards Codes

The pokemon go promo codes allow players to obtain additional items for free to help them complete their Pokédex. They are distributed mostly on social networks, but also by e-mail to players. To save you from scrolling endlessly on the Twitter of Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, we have prepared a list that includes all the active codes in January 2022. To enter Pokémon GO promotional codes, just open the in-game Store menu and scroll down to the very bottom of the item store page : There you will find a text field where you can enter your Pokémon GO promo code.

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Pokémon Go Free Item Codes – January 2022

Note that this code is only active for people who have not yet used it. If so, a message will tell you that it has already been exchanged.

Pokémon Go Cosmetic Item Codes – January 2022

New promo codes surface fairly regularly, so keep an eye out for upcoming Pokémon GO rewards!

Summary of the Pokémon GO walkthrough

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