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News good deal AirPods Max: nice reduction on the luxury wireless headphones from Apple!


Good plan news AirPods Max: Big Discount on Luxury Wireless Headphones from Apple!

The sky blue color of AirPods Max, Apple’s audiophile wireless headphones, seems less popular than the others. So less popular that this simple factor justified a big price drop on Amazon. The luxury Bluetooth headset is still quite expensive, but the promo is really strong, especially for an Apple product.

Almost everyone is in the know: while there isn’t really a debate about the quality of Apple products, there is always one about their value for money. For some people, the price is justified by the strength of the ecosystem, the research and development budget, the protection of personal data or other. For others, the prices charged by the apple brand are almost a scam. The debate has been going on for years and does not seem to end with the arrival of Apple’s first wireless headphones.

Called AirPods Max, this headset has a very special placement in the market. Where the competition (mainly Sony, Bose and Seinheiser) offers prices of up to around $ 300 on the most high-end nomadic headsets, Apple has exploded a glass ceiling and launched its AirPods Max to more than $ 600 . A justified price? We will come back to this later.

In the meantime, remember that these $ 629 launch price did not last very long. Quickly, some resellers offered AirPods Max around $ 550. It is still very expensive. Well imagine that at this moment Amazon has decided to drop this price once again for a color of the AirPods Max: sky blue. While the other versions are displayed at $ 529, this one drops to $ 475. An exceptional price, clearly below the mental level complicated to cross of 500 $. Something to crack a lot of aficionados of the apple brand.

Buy AirPods Max at $ 475 on Amazon

AirPods Max: Big Discount on Luxury Wireless Headphones from Apple!

Apple AirPds Max: too expensive headphones? Sound quality, comfort, noise reduction …

So, is it worth spending $ 475 on headphones? If you are an audiophile, especially if you have an iPhone, we want to say yes. If you’re on Android and you’re not one of the small percentage of people who demand the best of the best, you can go your way and head for the competition.

Apple’s headset looks like an ultra premium product. In its materials and its quality of finish initially, but also, and especially in its sound reproduction. Equipped with the best materials and all the latest technologies such as Dolby Atmos or spatial audio, it is unparalleled in reproducing and reproducing as faithfully as possible the original sounds of the works of your favorite artists.

The sound is extremely rich, well balanced, powerful, precise … it is a real feat to reach such levels without cables. We obviously have to talk about Apple’s active noise reduction, which is quite simply stunning. If you do not activate transparency mode, you will be in a bubble completely cut off from the outside world.

Last essential point: comfort. What to say except that this helmet hardly feels when placed on the head. The weight is perfectly distributed. It’s tempting to slap AirPods Max and scream that the price is way too abusive, even on sale. In the real world, it is a rather complicated position to take when we see the quality of the final rendering.

Buy AirPods Max at $ 475 on Amazon

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