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Mental health: the list of countries that take care of their inhabitants unveiled


A classification carried out within the OECD reveals the countries which take the most care of their population on the mental level. Northern European countries are well ranked.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which a person is able to recognize their own strengths, cope with the normal pressures of health, work hard and contribute to society”.

A note for each country

Which countries give an important place to mental health and psychological well-being? According to a classification carried out within the OECD, the Nordic countries are well placed. Sweden comes first, followed by Germany and Finland. France is placed at the foot of the podium.

But which countries take better care of the mental health of their citizens? William Russel, specialist in international health insurance, ranked the 26 OECD countries by taking into account several factors related to the promotion of psychological well-being. These criteria include the balance between private and professional life, the environment, the place of green spaces or public spending on mental health care. “Each country was given a score out of ten for each factor, before averaging all the factors for a final score out of ten,” explains William Russel.

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Sweden number one country for mental health

With a score of 7.13, Sweden tops the ranking, ahead of Germany with 6.60 and Finland with 6.47. France obtains a score of 6.40. With 3.30, 2.07 and 1.60, Poland, Chile and Iceland come last.

Sweden ranks first thanks in particular to its green spaces. The country “is home to lush coniferous forests which occupy the majority of its land, providing a perfect environment for relaxation and mental well-being”, specify the specialists. In addition, Swedes enjoy a good work-life balance. A criterion which also allows Germany to come second. The country also devotes more than 11% of its health budget to the psychological well-being of its citizens. Finland, known to be the happiest country in the world, stands out for its environmental factors, in particular its high percentage of green spaces (73% of its territory).

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For its part, France is the leader in public spending on mental health, which represents a total of 15% of its health budget. France ranks second in the number of hours allocated to leisure and well-being, a total of 16.4 per day. It owes this place to the 35-hour week, as well as the right to disconnect, “a law obliging large companies not to send or receive e-mails outside working hours”, explains the study. .

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