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News good deal Sales at Amazon: the Echo Dot connected speaker sees its price cut in half


News good plan Sales at Amazon: the Echo Dot connected speaker sees its price cut in half

Need an assistant to manage all your connected devices in your home? Amazon can come to your rescue and offer a tried and true product that is currently showing at half price.

Amazon sales: the Echo Dot 4th generation at a reduced price

Like it or not, more and more devices of our daily life are interconnected or in any case have this option. A few years ago, controlling everything by the sound of our voice or a single gesture was only visible in science fiction movies. Science has become reality and without it being a gas factory to make everything work together.

Find the Echo Dot at 29$ on Amazon

With its smart speakers, Amazon was among the first to launch this technological revolution and its range Echo has proven itself since at the same time as Alexa, the voice assistant of the Amazon house. Generations follow one another but the basic principle remains the same: to make your daily life easier.

The characteristics of the Echo Dot 4th generation

The Echo Dot has a versatile design and blends into any landscape (Amazon offers 3 colors: anthracite, white, blue-grey). It has a luminous ring and several buttons at its top, including a stop button that mutes the microphones electronically. It is a device that switches to low power mode when it is inactive. It is made from recycled materials.

At your voice, the connected speaker will carry out your wishes and can occasionally transmit the information to all the connected devices in your home if they are Echo compatible. So you control lights, heating, Wi-Fi and lots more just by telling the speaker what you want to do when you wake up, go to bed or leave the house.

Thanks to the “Drop In” option, you use your speaker as a telephone or a loudspeaker to communicate with other people present in the house but in rooms other than the one where you are. Alexa will take care of relaying the message.

Originally posted at 59$, the connected speaker Echo Dot (4th generation) is now at 29$. A very good plan at half price in this period for quality equipment, very aesthetic and which does not take up space.

Find the Echo Dot at 29$ on Amazon

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